Invisible blocks on a Minecraft Server! [World Edit]

Sometimes, in Minecraft, water, pistons, ect. can be hard to control. With invisible blocks that you can walk through, though, you can warp water how you want and make many other things with pistons! I will also be telling you how to make invisible barriers (blocks that are invisible but can’t be passed through) in this article.

First what you will need is the World Edit plugin on your server, and, of course, a minecraft server!

The following steps are for invisible blocks:

1. Select a region with world edit that you want to make invisible blocks with.

2. In the command line type //set 36

3. Done!

The following steps are for invisible barriers:

1. Make a checkered pattern of wood blocks like so :•:•: (so two blocks with one space in between, then 1 block that is hovering 1 block off the ground.) Continue this pattern for desired length of barrier. Then select the blocks with //wand, and do //set wood irondoor

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