How to access a Amazon ec2 instance with FireFTP


[NOTE: Make sure you are running your instance, otherwise this will not work!!]

  1. Open FireFTP in your web browser. (FireFTP is a handy add-on for Firefox)
  2. Click the window in the top left corner and select ‘Create New Account’
  3. Call it whatever you like, but make the ‘host’ the public IP address for your instance.
  4. Then, in the ‘username’ window, put in ec2-user.
  5. After that, go into the ‘Connection’ tab.
  6. Select the ‘Security’ window and change it to ‘SFTP’
  7. Then select ‘browse’ across from ‘Private Key’ and upload your server key (.pem file)
  8. Next, hit okay, and repeat step 2 except instead of clicking ‘Create New Account’, click on the account you made.
  9. Then click ‘connect’.
  10. If the ‘Enter Login Information’ window appears, hit okay.
  11. Then another window should show up, and just click okay again.
  12. There we go! Now you can upload awesome stuff and do all sorts of things with your server!

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